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What’s The Difference Between Clear Vs. Dyed Diesel?

diesel fuel types
If you’re new to buying diesel fuel – or haven’t bought it in a long time – you might notice that your diesel fuel buying is a little more colorful than it used to be.

That’s because the U.S. government now requires diesel gas to be sold in one of three ways: clear, and colored with red or blue dye. If you are looking to buy diesel fuel, it is critical to understand the tax and legal differences among these three varieties.
Here is a short primer on diesel fuels:

Dyed diesel regulations

Because dyed diesel is not taxed and contains more sulfur, federal and state laws regulate its use strictly; penalties for improper use of dyed fuel range from harsh fines to significant jail time. Distributors cannot knowingly transport dyed fuel with the intent to supply on-road vehicles, and fuel retail locations that carry dyed diesel cannot knowingly sell the gas for use in an on-road vehicle.

If you are a retail diesel customer, you cannot knowingly use dyed diesel in an on-road vehicle; if dye is found in an on-road vehicle, the penalties can be extremely high. Be smart!

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