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Keep it simple in 2020: Make Jack F. Corse your dual fuel provider!

simple finger snapAt Jack F. Corse, we work hard to make life simple for you – which is part of the reason we offer convenient services like our monthly payment and pre-buy / fixed price plans to help you pay for your winter heating bills.

But one of the best ways we know to simplify life for you in this or any heating season is to make Jack F. Corse your dual-fuel provider!

If you use both heating oil and propane in your Cambridge, VT-area home, there is a chance you get each of these fuels from a different supplier. Why go through the hassle of getting two invoices or dealing with two delivery and customer service teams when you can get it all from us?

When you sign up for dual fuel delivery with Jack F. Corse, you’ll get the same great pricing and expert service you get from us as a heating oil or propane customer alone, with the added bonus of having less paperwork and an easier way to pay your bills.

Our team of experts can visit your home to assess your propane needs and get you up and running safely and quickly so you’re ready for the bitter New England weather to come. One you are connected, you will get your propane deliveries on time, every time, in any weather – just as you have in your many years as a heating oil delivery customer.

Make your heating season easier and more convenient than ever this year – make Jack F. Course your heating oil AND propane provider! Contact us to learn more or to become a Jack F. Corse customer today.

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