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Propane Storage Tank: What Size Do I Need?

what size propane storage tank northern vermontThe propane tank is the core of any propane-powered Vermont home. The question is, how big should it be? Let’s take a look at some propane tank sizing basics to find out.

Propane tank sizing basics:

If properly installed and maintained, a propane tank can last for decades – so it pays to take the time to make sure you get the right tool for the job.

Propane tanks come in a number of sizes for residential use, with aboveground models ranging from 100-gallon vertical propane cylinders to power smaller appliances to 1000-gallon horizontal tanks for large estates and some commercial applications (underground tanks can be even larger).

Some common propane tank sizes are:

If you’re not sure what sized propane tank you need for your home or business, give us a call – whether you want to upgrade and existing tank, add a tank for a new home addition, or perform a whole house propane conversion, our experts will help you find a solution that meets your space, lifestyle, and budget needs.

Shopping for a new propane tank in central Vermont? Our propane experts can assess your needs and help you choose the tank size that’s right for you. Propane tank installations start in April, so be sure to schedule an appointment with our pros today!