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Don’t Wait To Fill Up Your Oil or Propane Tank!

Trust Corse Fuels for Reliable Heating Fuel Deliveries All Season Long

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If you typically call us for your fuel when you need it—what’s otherwise known as “Will-Call” style delivery—and you haven’t yet given us a ring this season, it’s best that you do so now. It’s of utmost importance that you contact us to get your propane or heating oil tank filled for the rest of Fall, and as the winter season fast approaches. It takes just a few minutes to get this done!

When it comes to scheduling your fuel delivery, putting this off means you’ll be one of many who will all want their propane or heating oil at the same time after the chilly weather settles in for good. Scheduling your delivery now allows you to beat that rush! You’ll get prompt delivery, and you won’t have to worry about being without enough fuel to keep your Vermont home warm, safe, and comfortable—all while eliminating any run-out worries, too.

Take Advantage of Our Free Automatic Delivery Service

You may be used to calling in to your order whenever you notice that your tank level is getting low. For this season, we encourage you to give our propane or heating oil automatic delivery service a try. There is no extra cost for this service!

This is how it works: We use a sophisticated computerized system that monitors the outdoor temperatures and keeps track of your fuel usage. It lets us know exactly when to schedule your deliveries, so you always have the propane or heating oil you need—all without any work or hassle on your side. Please reach out to us to see if qualify for this popular service.

Help Us Make Safe Deliveries When Winter Rolls In

When the leaves start falling—or the Nor’easters start blowing in—it’s always important to keep your tank unobstructed. (This includes the fill pipe for our heating oil customers with basement tanks.) Start off by making sure that leaves or other debris don’t block or obscure the tank/fill pipe area or driveways.

After a snowfall, please clear a path (about 12 inches wide) to your tank. We also need you to clear your driveway. Our fuel trucks require a 9- to 10-foot-wide clear path in your driveway to allow enough room for maneuvering. Safety codes prevent us from making a delivery if a driveway is not clear.

You should also make sure the vents from your combustion systems stay clear from snow build up! This is very important for vented heating systems.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can prevent the hassles of having a run-out when you need propane or heating oil the most.

If you’re a Corse Fuels customer, you can order fuel online by going here. We’re standing by ready to help you stay warm, safe, and worry-free this season. If you would like to start enjoying all the advantages of becoming a Corse Fuels customer, including reliable propane or heating oil deliveries please go here.

Corse Fuels, established in 1947, proudly provides service to Lamoille County, Franklin County, Westford, Fairfax, Underhill, and Jericho Counties in Vermont. Lookup your ZIP code to see if it’s within our service area! If so, we’ll be happy to help.