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Need Oil? Need Propane? Look No Further!

Corse is the Name You Can Trust

fuel delivery vermontWhen you’re shopping around for a fuel service provider, there’s a lot to consider. National chains have slick advertising, but the headquarters are often several states away—and so is the person answering the phone. “Discounters” usually offer rock-bottom prices, but you won’t get much else—and good luck getting anything more than voicemail when you call. Neither have any ties to the community other than their wallets. It’s a lot like Goldilocks, and that’s what makes Jack Corse Fuels the “just right” choice of locals in Northern Vermont.

While we’ve grown since we started delivering fuel in 1947, we’re still a local business run by the third generation of the family. We offer reliable, safe delivery of propane, heating oil, kerosene, diesel, gasoline and motor fuel to residents and businesses, and we do the best job we can because we’re your neighbors. We know where you’re calling from, whether it’s a mountain road or a main street, a farm, or a business.

Why Choose Local for Home Heating Fuel Supply?

Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing local keeps you on Corse:

Corse Fuels—The Local, Reliable Fuel Provider Vermonters Depend On!

There are a lot of things we can’t control—the weather, the price of fuel. But as an independent, locally-owned business, we can—and do—put customers, not corporate headquarters, first.

Contact us today and tell us exactly what you need. We’ll be here ready to help.