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How Do I Order Heating Oil

Jack Corse Makes It Easy

heating oil Chittenden County, VT Ordering heating oil for your home or business is easy when you work with Jack Corse Fuels. We’re a friendly phone call away! No matter when you call, we’ll be there for you, but emergency fill-ups can be more expensive. If you’re prefer will-call service, knowing when to call for a delivery is key for smooth fill-ups. For completely effortless heating oil delivery, we suggest our automatic delivery service.

Whether you want to order heating oil yourself or leave the delivery schedule to us, here’s what you need to know.

Will-Call or Automatic Delivery?

Will-call heating oil delivery means that you need to monitor how much heating oil is in your tank, and call us when you need a fill up. That means you need to check the gauge on your heating oil tank regularly, and more often during extra cold weather.

The important thing to note is that we strongly recommend calling for a delivery when the gauge on your heating oil tank is at about 25% full. That ensures we have time to dispatch your delivery before you run out of fuel. If you forget, and order when your tank is empty or almost empty, an emergency fill-up will cost extra. Plus, you run the risk of losing your heat—which can lead to frozen pipes and more expensive repairs.

Or, you can enroll in convenient automatic delivery service.

Automatic delivery is exactly what it sounds like: We automatically deliver heating oil when you need it. We use a proven system based on your typical usage and the weather to know when you will need a heating oil delivery. If there’s been a stretch of serious cold, or if there’s a big storm in the forecast, we adjust our delivery schedule to make sure none of our customers run out of heating oil.

It’s a free service that we offer our customers. It makes your life easier, and helps us too: We can plan delivery routes efficiently, which helps us keep our costs down and our trucks on time.

How to Prepare for a Delivery

Our delivery drivers really appreciate it when you keep a path open to your fill pipe, especially after a big snow. Marking the location of your underground tank with a flag or wide ribbon makes it easier for our crews to find. And please keep in mind that our trucks need a 9- to 10-foot-wide path to maneuver safely—and we cannot deliver fuel if your driveway isn’t plowed and free of ice. Marking the edges makes it easier to navigate, especially on steep driveways. Remember, just because you can get your car down your driveway doesn’t mean our 15-ton fuel truck can make it too.

Also, don’t forget to secure pets on delivery days. It’s for their safety, and it makes our drivers’ job a little easier.

Need Heating Oil Deliveries?

We understand you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to heating oil dealers. Find out why so many of your neighbors in Chittenden County and across northern Vermont choose Jack Corse Fuels for heating oil, kerosene and propane service. Ask about convenient services, like automatic delivery and payment options that can help you keep fuel costs manageable.

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