It’s All About Safety!

why leak test vermontRunning out of propane can be a big inconvenience, especially in the winter. Every year, our Will-Call customers often ask why we must perform—and charge them for—a safety check when they’ve let their propane tank hit empty. It doesn’t seem like it should be a such big deal, after all, just fill up the tank like you always would, right? Not quite. Here’s why:

Safety and Necessity

All propane piping and fittings are coated with a pipe-joint compound to seal connections and prevent leaks. But if the pressure changes in the lines—as happens when you run out of fuel—there is the possibility that the joint compound could contract and create a leak. While propane is completely safe under most conditions, it can be highly flammable, so leaking propane lines can be dangerous.

As a result, whenever we install a new tank, or if you have a run-out, we perform a pressure test to make sure everything is operating safely when we refill your tank.

These pressure tests are also required by state and federal law, as well as insurance rules. According to the National Fuel Gas code, “Immediately after the gas is turned on into a new system or into a system that has been initially restored after an interruption of service, the piping system shall be tested for leakage. If leakage is indicated, the gas supply shall be shut off until the necessary repairs have been made.”

In other words, a licensed professional must perform a leak test:

  • Any time you install propane equipment 
  • Any time you begin new propane service or change residence
  • After an interruption of service for repairs, equipment shut-off/disconnect, etc.
  • After a fuel runout
  • If a leak is suspected
  • If service has been suspended due to an unpaid account balance

How Do I Avoid Run-Outs?

If you’re on will-call for propane deliveries, you’re responsible for monitoring your tank levels, and if you run out of fuel, we will have to perform and charge you for a test. Keep an eye on your tank, particularly in colder weather, and call when you have no less than 30% left in your tank. That ensures we can get you on the schedule and make a delivery in plenty of time.

Or you can avoid all the hassle altogether with our Automatic Delivery service. Our customers who use propane to heat their homes overwhelmingly choose Automatic Delivery because it’s no work, no worries. Our sophisticated computerized system monitors the weather and keeps track of your fuel use so we know when to schedule your deliveries, and you always have propane.

There’s a reason homeowners and businesses in Lamoille, Franklin, and Northern Chittenden Counties in Vermont trust Corse Fuels for top-notch service and fair prices. Contact us for more information today!

Trust Corse Fuels for Reliable Heating Fuel Deliveries All Season Long

propane delivery vermont

If you typically call us for your fuel when you need it—what’s otherwise known as “Will-Call” style delivery—and you haven’t yet given us a ring this season, it’s best that you do so now. It’s of utmost importance that you contact us to get your propane or heating oil tank filled for the rest of Fall, and as the winter season fast approaches. It takes just a few minutes to get this done!

When it comes to scheduling your fuel delivery, putting this off means you’ll be one of many who will all want their propane or heating oil at the same time after the chilly weather settles in for good. Scheduling your delivery now allows you to beat that rush! You’ll get prompt delivery, and you won’t have to worry about being without enough fuel to keep your Vermont home warm, safe, and comfortable—all while eliminating any run-out worries, too.

Take Advantage of Our Free Automatic Delivery Service

You may be used to calling in to your order whenever you notice that your tank level is getting low. For this season, we encourage you to give our propane or heating oil automatic delivery service a try. There is no extra cost for this service!

This is how it works: We use a sophisticated computerized system that monitors the outdoor temperatures and keeps track of your fuel usage. It lets us know exactly when to schedule your deliveries, so you always have the propane or heating oil you need—all without any work or hassle on your side. Please reach out to us to see if qualify for this popular service.

Help Us Make Safe Deliveries When Winter Rolls In

When the leaves start falling—or the Nor’easters start blowing in—it’s always important to keep your tank unobstructed. (This includes the fill pipe for our heating oil customers with basement tanks.) Start off by making sure that leaves or other debris don’t block or obscure the tank/fill pipe area or driveways.

After a snowfall, please clear a path (about 12 inches wide) to your tank. We also need you to clear your driveway. Our fuel trucks require a 9- to 10-foot-wide clear path in your driveway to allow enough room for maneuvering. Safety codes prevent us from making a delivery if a driveway is not clear.

You should also make sure the vents from your combustion systems stay clear from snow build up! This is very important for vented heating systems.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can prevent the hassles of having a run-out when you need propane or heating oil the most.

If you’re a Corse Fuels customer, you can order fuel online by going here. We’re standing by ready to help you stay warm, safe, and worry-free this season. If you would like to start enjoying all the advantages of becoming a Corse Fuels customer, including reliable propane or heating oil deliveries please go here.

Corse Fuels, established in 1947, proudly provides service to Lamoille County, Franklin County, Westford, Fairfax, Underhill, and Jericho Counties in Vermont. Lookup your ZIP code to see if it’s within our service area! If so, we’ll be happy to help.

fuel payment program vermontWe understand that the weather outside is still quite warm—however, before too long, the chilly temperatures we’ve come to expect here in Vermont will arrive! Therefore, thinking about how you’ll be keeping your home warm now can save you money and hassle down the road this winter.

What’s the best way to do that? It’s simple. Check out our Prebuy plan! This program provides a great opportunity for you to take control of your propane or heating oil costs.

The Prebuy Basics

When you enroll in Prebuy, you are buying your supply of propane or heating oil for the entire heating season. We help you determine how much fuel you’ll need based on past usage. Then, you pay in advance for your fuel at a fixed price.

What’s the Advantage of Enrolling in Prebuy?

During the summer, propane and heating oil tend to have lower prices per gallon than during heating season. By choosing Prebuy, you lock in the price you’re going to pay for your heating season’s fuel at the optimal time!

You’re also protecting yourself from the roller coaster of the markets, where everything from geopolitical disputes to natural disasters can influence your fuel prices. Because you’ve bought your heating oil or propane in advance, none of that makes an impact on your fuel costs, even into the coldest months of the year. Another benefit? You don’t have to worry about propane or heating oil bills because you’ve already paid! That means you can plan your budget for everything from the holiday season to tax time. No surprises, no worries.

If it’s a mild winter and you don’t use all the fuel you purchased, you get to roll that credit balance forward towards your next fuel purchase. And if you end up needing more heating oil or propane than you purchased, we’ll deliver it to you at our fair and transparent daily market rate.

Remember, the Corse Fuels Prebuy Program is a limited-time opportunity. Procrastination is the thief of savings! Lock in your heating fuel price for the Pre-Buy Program early! Contact us by September 30th to enroll. Availability is first come first serve, while supplies last.

save on heating costs vermontToday’s high-efficiency propane– and oil-fired heating systems do an amazing job at squeezing every last bit of performance out of your fuel to give you the most bang for your heating buck. But even with all that performance, it’s still a good idea to take a whole-house approach if you want to save money on your heating bills in the coming months.

Here are six things you can do in the weeks ahead to prepare for heating season savings in your Vermont home.

  • Weatherize – A small investment in caulk, door seals and door sweeps will more than pay for itself this heating season by reducing air leaks and keeping your family more comfortable. Consider plastic window coverings for more substantial air leaks in winter.
  • Keep an eye on your air filters – Clogged air filters reduce efficiency and cause your heating system to work harder than it needs to, which can lead to costly heating system repairs down the road. Check your air filter once a month, cleaning or replacing it if needed.
  • Clean / clear vents – Wipe down your vents to keep efficiency-robbing dust and debris out of your heating ducts. Move any furniture or objects that block airflow.
  • Reverse ceiling fans – Adjust your ceiling fan blades so they push rising warm air back down into the room (see your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reverse the rotation of your fan).
  • Listen for unusual noises – Noises in your system can indicate vent blockages or debris, loose or broken parts, or other problems.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance – A heating system tune-up will keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably all season long, so you’ll pay less for your bills and get more peace of mind.

Cooler weather is on the way in upstate Vermont – stay one step ahead with reliable heating oil delivery and propane delivery from Jack F. Corse! Contact us today to learn more.

Jack F. Corse – serving Lamoille County, Franklin County, Westford, Fairfax, Underhill, and Jericho Counties for more than 70 years!

ordering fuel online vermontIt’s not a stretch to say that most of us have had more than our share of unpredictability over the last few years. While we can’t control the news, we can offer two FREE services that will bring a little more certainty to your finances in the coming heating season.

Our Monthly Payment Program: Enjoy Even Billing With No Finance Charge!

If you pay for fuel as you go, you probably have gotten an unexpectedly high heating bill in the past—the likely result of a cold front that came to the area and decided to stay for a while. During that stretch, you had to cover the cost of all that fuel in a single payment. But with our monthly payment program, you’ll spread the cost of your fuel out over a full year, so the bumps in the road won’t be as steep.

How does it work? With monthly payments, we’ll estimate your propane or heating oil use based on your past bills, then divide that total into monthly installments (including one pay period that be an adjustment payment or credit to your account). That means you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay for your fuel every month, rather than fretting about heating bills during the cold eastern Vermont winter.

Our Pre-Buy Program: Lock-in Your Preseason Gallons at the Lowest Price!

Want even more peace of mind for next season’s fuel payments? Combine monthly payments with our Prebuy program.

With Prebuy, you purchase the propane before the heating season starts, when fuel prices are typically lower. You’ll get the best preseason pricing available at the time of enrollment, pay NO enrollment fees, and your price will be locked in for the entire heating season; if the market price for propane goes up, you’ll pay the same low price for every gallon you use!

You’ll also get automatic delivery when you need it, and if you purchase more propane than you need, it will be applied as a credit to next year’s fuel purchase.

Predictable Bills Allow for Greater Peace of Mind

Payment options from Jack F. Corse will give you peace of mind when paying for your heating oil or propane and help you plan your budget all year round. Best of all, you’ll get that predictability at no additional cost to you, since there are no finance charges for these services and no cost to enroll.

Imagine how much easier your budgeting will be if you know how much you’ll pay for your energy bills every month! It’s possible when you enroll in pricing plans from Jack F. Corse. Enrollment period for each of these programs is July through September, or while supplies last. Contact us today to learn more, or to enroll as a new Jack F. Corse customer!

tank certification vermontA heating oil tank doesn’t have a lot of moving parts or use complicated technology, but it still needs a bit of care to keep it working the way it should.

Additionally, it needs a clean bill of health for us to fill it!

Since last summer, oil tank owners in Vermont have been required to provide proof that their equipment has been checked by a licensed oil tank inspector within a period of three years. Without that proof of inspection, a supplier cannot legally deliver oil to you.

More specifically, Vermont heating oil dealers—including us—are prohibited from filling a tank if it fails to meet the following five minimum standards:

  1. The tank must be on a stable foundation.
  2. It must have a working vent alarm (whistle).
  3. Both the fill pipe and the vent pipe must have a minimum diameter of 1-1/4 inch.
  4. If below grade or buried in concrete, the fuel line between the tank and the burner must be either plastic coated copper or sleeved.
  5. A fuel oil tank cannot have leaks, drips, pitting, rust, dents, cracks or corrosion.

Heating Oil Tank Inspections And Repairs In Vermont

The good news, if your oil tank won’t meet these requirements—or if you’re not sure that it will—is that Jack F. Corse offers solutions to meet your every need.

We offer:

  • Licensed oil tank inspections that meet all state requirements.
  • Oil tank repairs, for simple issues that can be addressed by an expert.
  • Oil tank replacement, if your tank is irreparable (we can remove your old tank neatly and in compliance with all environmental and building codes, too!)

It’s a good idea to fill your tank during the summer to prevent corrosion in your tank, so getting an inspection sooner than later is a good thing. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tank is ready to go for another long heating season this fall!

If your tank hasn’t been inspected within three years, please make an appointment today to have our experts give your tank a seal of approval for filling. Without that inspection, we cannot deliver your fuel! Contact us today to learn more.

new home heating vermontIf you’re building a new home, two of the most important decisions you will make about your project—especially here in New England—are how to power and heat it.

The good news is that propane gas can help you with both!

Propane is the perfect power source for your new home build, especially when compared to using electricity. Consider these propane benefits:

  1. Efficiency – Propane appliances will almost always outperform electric models of similar size and output. A tankless propane water heater, for example, can save its users up to 50 percent on energy costs compared to electric systems, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).
  2. Eco-performance – Propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy. Powering up with propane is so much greener than electricity, in fact, that using it can earn your project points toward LEED residential certification.
  3. Versatility – Propane can power just about any home comfort system – from space heaters and water heaters to cooking ranges, clothes dryers and even fireplaces – all from a single storage tank that the propane supplier maintains.
  4. Backup Power – Having propane onsite makes installing backup power generators much more convenient and affordable – a big benefit for future tenants as severe weather and power outages become more commonplace.
  5. Increased Comfort – Although electric heat pumps run efficiently, the fact that they don’t distribute air that’s warm to the touch can have a big impact on the people’s perception of comfort. Energy-efficient propane furnaces heat air to a much higher temperature than electric heat pumps, making it easier to warm the home quickly and retain a comfortable temperature in colder weather – a big bonus here in Vermont.
  6. Outdoor Living Options – Propane firepits, space heaters, and torch lighting provide an inviting ambiance for your outdoor getaway.
  7. Safety – The propane industry is also highly regulated by codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Transportation (DOT) and various state and local regulatory bodies – a key reason why there are so few propane accidents each year. Propane technicians are also backed by the industry’s voluntary Certified Employee Training Program (CETP).
  8. Incentives – Efficiency isn’t the only economic benefit to choosing propane. Incentives can save you even more (we can help you discover these and others for your project).

Considering propane for your home build or vacation home? We can help! Contact Jack F. Corse today to learn more about propane delivery in Lamoille County, Franklin County, Westford, Fairfax, Underhill, and Jericho Counties in Vermont!

owning a propane tank vermontIf you’ve recently purchased a propane-powered home or are planning to install new propane equipment at an existing site in Vermont, one of the more important questions you’ll have to answer is whether to buy or lease your propane tank.

The answer to that question depends on several factors—let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.

Buying Vs. Leasing A Propane Tank

Although there are some advantages to buying your own tank, leasing offers strong advantages in terms of maintenance costs and safe, hassle-free operation—a big reason why most people choose to lease their propane tank.

Here are some specifics:

If you purchase your own propane tank:

  • You control who supplies your propane
  • You can choose a tank from any manufacturer
  • Your supplier can’t seize your propane tank during a billing dispute.


  • You are responsible all installation and maintenance tasks and costs associated with your tank, including repair, replacement, and parts.
  • You are also responsible for periodic tank recertification according to local and state laws

If you lease a propane tank:

  • Your supplier will typically install and maintain the tank, covering all routine upkeep costs
  • In some cases, you will get preferred propane rates or benefits that are not available to customers who own their tank.


  • When you lease your tank, you are bound to your supplier
  • Changing suppliers often involves a termination fee

As you can see, buying your own propane tank does give you certain freedoms, but it comes at the cost of having to keep your propane tank safe and up to code—something you’ll have to pay a propane professional to do anyway. For most people, leasing is the better option.

Still not sure whether to buy or lease your propane tank? Contact Jack F. Corse! We’ll help you make the right call on propane tank installation in Lamoille, Franklin, and Northern Chittenden Counties right here in Vermont.

commercial diesel supply vermontHaving a reliable supply of diesel fuel can make or break your Vermont business—which is why it’s so important to choose a diesel supplier right here locally in Vermont that can get fuel to you when and where you need it.

That company Is Jack F. Corse!

Whether you need on-road diesel or off-road diesel delivery for your construction company, farm, or warehouse, or to power generators for your hospital, school, nursing home, or critical care center, we have the fuel you need and the reliable fleet of modern delivery trucks to make sure it gets to you.

Choose Us And You’ll Get:

  • Quality Fuel at Great Prices — Every gallon of diesel fuel that we sell is ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) that meets or exceeds EPA standards. We also offer premium diesel blended with high-quality additives for enhanced cold weather performance. Our fuel can be used with any diesel engine in use today—from farm equipment, bus and truck fleets to generators, pumping stations, boats and more.
  • Reliable Deliveries – At Jack F. Corse, we have a decades-long track record of on-time deliveries. While we may not be able to predict the weather, we can tell you with 100 percent certainty that our delivery crews will deliver expert, friendly service to keep your business up, running, and on the road.
  • Tax-free Fuel – If you currently buy on-road diesel from a gas station for your off-road equipment, you are unnecessarily paying taxes. With the ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel that we deliver, there is no federal excise tax.
  • Top Shelf Service – As a family-owned company with roots that date back to 1957, we understand the needs of our Vermont neighbors – and know what it takes to be a problem-solving partner for your business. Our staff and crews will guide you through every delivery and question, taking the stress and guesswork out of commercial fuel deliveries by making ordering easy and hassle-free.

For commercial diesel fuel deliveries to your business, job site or farm—with excellent service at the lowest prices around – trust the pros at Jack F. Corse. Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Jack F. Corse customer!

fuel supplier vermontNow that winter has arrived in earnest here in northern Vermont, we’ll be using a lot more fuel than we did in the first few months of the season. That means that managing your heating oil deliveries and propane deliveries will become more of a hassle—yet another thing to think about in this year of thinking—and overthinking—about everything.

Fuel Delivery Options

Fortunately, Jack F. Corse offers convenient and FREE ways to make life a little easier for you as temperatures continue to drop here in New England. Here are three things you can do in the coming weeks to lighten the load in the year ahead:

  • Register to use our online customer portal—Connecting with Corse has never been easier! Just log in to get information about your services, check your account, order fuel, schedule service, and more. Remember to have your account number ready—that’s all you need to begin!
  • Enroll in Autopay—With Autopay, you’ll never have to think about paying your bill—or paying late fees—again! We’ll set up your account either through your bank via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or with your credit card. Contact us today to set up your account. It takes only five minutes to complete!
  • Switch to Automatic Fuel Delivery—With automatic delivery, you’ll get your heating oil deliveries and propane deliveries without ever having to monitor your tank or pick up the phone. We’ll monitor your average usage and the current weather to deliver your fuel when your tank is about one-quarter full—in plenty of time to make sure you’re safe and comfortable.

Take advantage of convenient, FREE services from Jack F. Corse and let us take the hassle out of fuel ordering this winter. Contact us today to learn more and remember—for reliable heating oil and propane delivery in Lamoille, Franklin, and Northern Chittenden Counties, VT, trust the pros at Jack F. Corse!