Diesel fuel delivery to your New Englandjob site

Diesel fuel is used by many New England businesses to power their equipment, heat their buildings and run their vehicles. Many business owners in Lamoille County, Franklin County and Chittenden County have their own on-site bulk diesel fuel tanks that require fuel deliveries on a regular basis.

If you are one of these companies, you should know that Jack F. Corse Inc. has been in the diesel fuel-delivery business for decades.

The diesel fuel you need at a competitive price

Jack F. Corse Inc. delivers ultra-low-sulfur dyed or ultra-low-sulfur clear diesel fuel in quantities from as little as 100 gallons to as many as 10,000 gallons. We deliver diesel fuel to companies with fleets of vehicles, farms with assorted diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, construction sites, sugarhouses and ski areas.

Diesel fuel supplier to Lamoille, Franklin, & Northern Chittenden Counties

Our diesel fuel-delivery area ranges from Swanton in Franklin County to Burlington in Chittenden County, and includes towns throughout Lamoille. Our drivers are fully trained and certified and have many years of experience making diesel fuel deliveries to businesses throughout New England.

On-road diesel

Do you have on-road vehicles that use diesel fuel? We will be glad to show you all that we can do for you. We deliver on-road diesel fuel throughout the year to the construction industry, to trucking companies and to many other businesses with a fleet of vehicles.

Our on-site fueling and bulk delivery service saves you time and money, compared with what you would spend dispatching your trucks to an off-site gas station for fill-ups.

Off-road diesel

If you operate a construction company or other business that has diesel-powered equipment, why not contact Jack F. Corse Inc.?

You’ll enjoy the extra convenience of having your fuel delivered to your place of business.

We have been delivering off-road diesel fuel to construction companies, farmers, manufacturers and owners of diesel-powered generators for many years.

And keep this in mind: If you currently buy on-road diesel from a gas station for your off-road equipment, you are unnecessarily paying taxes. With the ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel that we deliver, there is no federal excise tax.

Your local family-owned diesel fuel resource

Are you looking for the best off-road diesel prices or want to request an off-road diesel delivery? Would you like to do business with a company that can fulfill all of your on-road diesel requirements? Contact us today and compare our price with what you are paying now.