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Propane & Heating Oil Deliveries in Cambridge, Vermont

Keep your home or business warm during the cold winter months when you rely on Jack F Corse Inc in Cambridge, Vermont, for the fast propane and heating oil deliveries you need.


As a homeowner, you often need propane to cook or heat your home. The tanks are supplied at no charge, though there is a charge for the price of fuel. Our company runs on a five-day schedule and has a truck in each service area once a week, so you're able to get your propane delivered quickly.

Propane Deliveries for Other Customers

Truck, Heating Oil Delivery in Cambridge, VT
  • Construction Companies: Used for Temporary Heat during Natural Disasters & to Heat Large Facilities
  • Farmers: Used to heat hot water to keep milking systems clean
  • Resorts: Used to Heat Condos & to Heat Water

Heating Oil

While heating oil deliveries are similar to propane deliveries, the difference is that you have your own tank for the product, and it is most often used to heat the home. Heating oil is also used to heat domestic hot water, commercial buildings, farms, and resorts. Contact us to have your heating oil delivered straight to your door, and ask about our pre-buy programs with guaranteed prices.


Instead of going to the gas station every time you need to fill your tank, call our company for fast gasoline deliveries. If you don't have your own storage tank, we also sell the storage tanks and pumps you need.
We also have diesel fuel on road and off road.
Fuel Truck, Heating Oil Delivery in Cambridge, VT
All year around we carry non ethanol gasoline. Let us know how much you need, and leave the rest to us. We can deliver from 100 to 10,000 gallons.
Contact us today in Cambridge, Vermont, for more information about our fast and affordable propane deliveries.