Our Payment Options Take the Sting Out of Winter

Most people today lead busy lives. For the convenience of our customers, we have designed a couple of payment programs to remove your worries about winter fuel bills.

Monthly payment plan chart

Our Budget Program

Enroll early! Enrollment period each year is June-July, or while supplies last.

This program lets you spread out your fuel payments instead of having to pay us in full every time you get a delivery. That way, your heating costs will always be manageable and predictable—no matter how cold it gets. You’ll have one set payment each month for most of the year. There is no cost to enroll!

Many of our customers have already enrolled in this monthly payment program! You don’t use more heating fuel. You don’t pay more per gallon. You pay only for the fuel you receive, and there’s no finance charge.

If your actual fuel costs are a little higher or lower than we estimated, we make adjustments as necessary during the winter.

Contact us during enrollment (June-July) so that we can review your past fuel usage and calculate a monthly payment schedule for you. Remember, you can be on a monthly payment plan without being enrolled in automatic delivery!

Payment options

Protect your price with Pre-Buy!

Enroll early! Enrollment period each year is July-September, or while supplies last.

Jack F. Corse Inc. has no control over when propane or heating oil market prices rise or fall—but we can help protect you against any serious price increases. That’s why we offer our Pre-Buy Program which:

  • Allows you lock in your price for your estimated fuel usage for the ENTIRE heating season
  • Requires an up-front expenditure

Please note that once fuel is purchased, we cannot change the price or the number of gallons you have secured.

Lock in your heating fuel price for the Pre-Buy Program early! Contact us today by September each year. Availability is first come first serve, while supplies last.

Variable price

Some customers prefer to pay as they go with our variable price, also known as the daily or market price. It’s simple and easy, with no commitments, but you may be vulnerable to price spikes during the colder, winter weather.

If you prefer to pay as you go with cash or a check, ask us about our 10¢ per-gallon prompt-pay discount!