heating oil efficiency vermontThere was major news last summer in Vermont: the switch to ultra-low-sulfur heating oil. As of July 1, 2018, all the heating oil sold in Vermont must be an ultra-low-sulfur grade of fuel. You might be wondering what ultra-low-sulfur fuel is or what it means for your clients. So we’ll tell you!

Sulfur is the component of heating oil that leads to most of the maintenance issues and system problems that arise during the life of an oil heating system. With the sulfur content now being virtually eliminated from heating oil—in Vermont and the rest of New England—heating systems will operate more effectively, and homeowners will see their heating costs reduced, because their systems will run longer without major issues.

This is a win for the industry and for all homeowners who use clean-burning heating oil.

Efficiency matters

The drastic reduction in sulfur content has paved the way for the next generation of compact, super-efficient boilers and furnaces. That means a good thing will get even better.

Today’s oil heating systems are already compact, smart and super-efficient and can save you, on average, 20% on your annual heating costs (or more). Not only that, but there are many different new equipment options to fit your budget.

Out with the old, in with the new

Here are a few more points about new, high-efficiency oil heating systems.

  • New oil heat systems have efficiency ratings as high as 95%; this provides oil-heated homes with more warmth for less fuel.
  • Fuel savings have reached as high as 48% when an outdated boiler has been replaced by a new, high-efficiency oil boiler.
  • Many new oil boilers use energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage during mildly cold weather and provide a more even heat with fewer temperature swings.
  • High-efficiency oil furnaces feature variable-speed motors that use about 80% less electricity than older motors and provide more consistent airflow and temperatures.

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) continues to research and develop oil heating equipment that’s more efficient than before. And that’s good news for anyone who likes to rely on oil heat to stay comfortable and safe in their home!